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From furnace inspections to condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, we have all of Edmonton covered to take care of all HVAC maintenance. 

Who We Are

Right Zone Mechanical Ltd. is an Edmonton-based HVAC service supplier, providing dependable, professional and quality service to residential and commercial customers in the greater Edmonton area. Your comfort is our top priority and we’re committed to providing you with premium service to ensure your home or business environment is always in the Right Zone! 

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Our HVAC Services


Installation, service, and maintenance of your furnace.

Air Conditioning

Installation, service, and maintenance of your air conditioning system.


Installation, service, and maintenance of your ventilation system.

Hot Water Tanks

Installation, service, and maintenance of your hot water tank, and tankless  water heater.

Unit Heaters

Installation, service, and maintenance of your unit heater.


Installation, service, and maintenance of your refrigeration system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I just want to thank you for your awesome service. I called to have my garage heater checked out, because of a potential gas leak that I was concerned about. Your service tech, Steve, was on-time (that was greatly appreciated), knowledgeable, and listened attentively to my concern. Thanks for the great service!
C Snijder
Beaumont, AB

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might experience hot or cold spots throughout different rooms due to cracks in the window seal, improper insulation or even dirty air filters. There are many reasons why you could experience poor air circulation in your home.

If you’ve decided you are ready to schedule the installation of an AC unit you’ll need to factor in two features: what size and power will you need. Our service provider will be the best candidate to provide you with an answer to this question and will provide you with an accurate quote upon learning of your specific requirements. 

Prevention really is the best remedy in this situation. Before the cold weather strikes, we advise you call to have your furnace serviced so that it’s ready to go when you need it most. If you do find yourself without a working furnace, we advise you call a service technician to have the problem properly diagnosed. 

This is highly dependent on usage but for an ordinary suburban home without pets, we suggest every 30 – 90 days. For homes with furry friends, we would recommend more frequently.